"Working hard everyday to be the best"

The Leader in Teaching All Parts of the Game

Our coaching and team camps are there to help teams run practices and work on fundamentals. We will show you different fundamental  stations, team drills, and base running drills. We will work with your pitchers and hitters as well.

Showcase Teams


First Pitch is owned and operated by former Major League pitcher John Webb and Rich Homan and is designed to provide  fundamentals of baseball both physical and mental to all experience levels, from Little League to Professional. John and Rich pride themselves on teaching hard work and the mental toughness of the game. 

First Pitch Baseball Academy is a 501c(3) non-profit youth sports organization serving Arizona’s youth since 2013. First Pitch is headquartered in North Phoenix 

Our Elite Teams play in the big USA tournaments and Prospect Wire Tournaments. 

Private & Group Lessons with the Coaches

Coaching & Team Camps

The Leader in Teaching All Parts of the Game

Our hitting drills take you past the batting cages and into our state-of-the- art facility where we measure your batting stance, swing and timing. Our computer calculations add science to your swing.